Have you ever seen a Volkswagen Beetle go airborne with 24-inch wheels? You can this weekend for what is sure to be a dirty event, Muddacious. Mud will fly high in the air in Franklin County as the Speedway gets ready for a series of mud bogging events.

“It's a great time, it brings out the red of the rednecks. That's who these people are, and they just come out and have a good time. We all have a good time,” said Whitey Taylor.

Taylor owns Franklin County Speedway. He says this is the first time he's put on an event of this scale in about a decade.

“The sport seems like it faded out for a while. And now it's back and now it’s real popular. And people just love coming out to these types of event,” said Taylor.

Drivers who plan on participating say it's all about the fun and adrenaline.

“If anyone has ever taken off in an airplane, when you (are) pushing 800,000 horse power. It will put you in the mind that you're taking off on a runway on an airplane,” said driver Rodney Graham.

And if you're not into good old-fashioned mudslinging, Taylor says there's going to be other events for you.

“We got the kids rides. We got the train that's going to be running all day long. We got the water slide. They can bring out their swimming gear,” said Taylor.

Whether it's water or dirt or a mixture of the two, there's something for you.