Students at Benjamin Franklin Middle School are back in school this week after icy roads and snow shut down schools for several days last month. Single digit temperatures and sub-zero wind chills kept students indoors at home.

“They really couldn't go and play outside and play and have fun, so they were confined inside the house. So, they were ready to come back to school,” said Principal Brenda Muse.

Students are supposed to take the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in March. With days already missed and the possibility of missing more this month, will time off cut into testing preparation time?

“I don't have any concern with our students not being ready and not being prepared and here again our teachers are fantastic at making sure students will be ready,” said Muse.

“This has not affected our instruction time. We do very well in being flexible in our planning continuously, and this starts all the way in August, said teacher Angela Barbour.

The school system has snow days built into their calendar year, along with banked time. Administrators say as of now they are doing well with time and they're keeping a watchful eye on the weather.

“We were, on Friday afternoon looking very closely at the weather this week,” said Barbour.

“We're in February and February is unpredictable. My hope is that we can remain in school and carry on,” Muse.

They’re carrying on through what has already been a busy winter.