More people are walking through the doors at Franklin County YMCA facilities. It’s good news for the once failing operation.

“Franklin County YMCA is 15-years-old and unfortunately hasn't been well managed in 15 years,” YMCA CEO Jim Currie.

The YMCA lost one of its buildings, which was eventually purchased by the county. The organization now rents space in that building.

“Without any questions, we over spent at a time that nobody could predict in 07 and 08,” said Currie.

Jim Currie has been CEO of the Franklin County YMCA since 2013. Before retirement, Currie specialized in helping to turn around failing businesses, including a billion dollar bank. He's hoping to use that expertise to continue the growth of the YMCA.

“We're offering a lot of new things in child care, which we've been talking about. We're also offering a lot of new things in fitness,” said Currie.

The popular workouts, “Insanity," cross-fit and yoga are just a few new programs being offered. Group and senior programs are being added to the list as well.

The YMCA also has a lifeline scholarship for those who have a difficult time paying for fitness and child care services.

“And that’s important because we have a lot of two wage earner households in Franklin County,” said Currie. “Our child care program allows those mothers and fathers to continue to work and have a place for their children”.

The YMCA also plans to open some of its gym space for events to generate revenue.