The 10 week summer program at the Franklin County YMCA is anything but slow pace. Each week there's a new theme. This week's theme is "Wild Wild West."

Except for lunch, you won't find kids sitting down, camp leaders say it's all about being active.

“With childhood obesity at an all-time high the "Y" really wants to focus on building these children up to want to be more active to be out and about,” said Camp Coordinator Jamie Stump.

Camp leaders say the reaction from parents has been positive. Gone are days of the TV being wheeled into a room. The outdoors is now the classroom.

“You don't hear them asking to play their video game, when they are learning to square dance or their doing archery or they learning how to play baseball during sports and team building,” said Stump.

Camp organizers say from 2012 to 2013 they saw a 15 percent increase in students. This year was 13 percent. Kids here say they don't mind being outside.

“I'm glad because at home I really don't play that much video games. I usually like sports. But when I get home it's usually about 5 o'clock so I really don't have much time outside, said camper Jake Winemiller.

Middle school students are also learning character building by volunteering at the rescue mission and nursing homes. The hope is that the camp will continue to with a pro-outdoors attitude.