The free clinic in Franklin County will have a new home next year. The ground work has started on what will be a million dollar facility in Franklin County. The building will expand some of the services offered to those facing financial struggles.

“It feels unbelievable, having something from the ground up that we were able to develop ourselves is just incredible, we're just excited,” said clinic executive director Alise Culbertson.

The clinic received a million dollar donation from Betty and Guy Beatty.

“His mission is to take care of the poor and uninsured people for health care and he found out through Dr. Braaten about our region.

Jennifer Braaten is the president of Ferrum College. The new facility will add 4 additional patient treatment rooms, dental clinic and pharmacy. The facility will also feature a conference room.

“Right now we don't even have conference room. There we’re going to have a nice large conference room, where we can do educational programs and we can also hold programs for the community.

Patients at the clinic welcome the news and are thankful for the clinic services. Some say without it, going to see a doctor wouldn't be possible.

“It's a life line, it truly is; these day it seems like most of us are running on really tight budget, so to be able to have health care, they do such a great job here,” said patient Gordon Plocher.

Plocher says the addition of expanded services will be wonderful and that preventative care is key.

“They’re helping people in the community manage diabetes, high blood pressure; these things that lead to early death. They are really helping keep people of the community alive here,” said Plocher.