A trip to the dentist can be expensive, especially for families who don't have dental insurance. Child Health Investment Partnership, also known as CHIP provided free dental exams and varnish for more than 50 children.

“It's just grateful to be able to come and have somebody that's willing to do it for us. There not too many people around that will to help,” said parent Jessica Brown.

Organizers for the event say there is a need for the service in our area.

“About 80% of early childhood cavities happen in 25% of the children. Most of the children are disproportionate low income children,” said CHIP CEO Robin Haldiman.

Experts say those children tend to experience dental disease. The hope is to curb that number with prevented care and health lessons. Dental students from Virginia Commonwealth University are helping with the exam.

“We're just taking a look at the rates of decay; the number of cavities we see with this population. What we're finding is that we have a very low rate of decay were seeing very few cavities,” said dental student Ethan Puryear.