No additional tuberculosis cases have been identified at William Fleming High School, according to the Virginia Department of Health.

The Virginia Department of Health announced last month that there was an active case at the school.

The Virginia Department of Health has tested 90 percent of the 150 people identified as close-contact.

Of the 90 percent that have been evaluated, the majority have had negative results. There have been some with positive skin tests, and those individuals were sent for a chest x-ray. All of those who have received the chest x-ray have shown no signs of the active disease, according to the Virginia Department of Health.


Story from Nov. 26

Tonight we are following up on the tuberculosis case at William Fleming High School.

We've learned so far this calendar year there have been seven reported cases of active tuberculosis in Southwest Virginia.

Yesterday, Roanoke City School leaders told us the health department reported that a student at Fleming had the disease.  That student has since been removed from the school.

We spoke to some parents who are frustrated with the health department for not releasing information to see if their child is at risk of contracting the disease.

"I think that we should have known, we don't need to know what child it is, but we need to know the grade level, maybe the classes that they could have been exposed," said Margarita Martinez, who has a daughter at the school.

No one from the health department was able to speak with us today.

A school spokesperson told us the Health Department is working to inform school leaders of which students are at risk.

The school will contact the parents of those students with a personal phone call.

The first round of testing is expected to begin next week.