GALAX, Va. -

The Galax City Council is expected to hear from the public Monday night on what it thinks about building a new elementary school in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Tony Price lives on the very end of Kipling Lane. Right on the edge of where the new Galax Elementary School might be built if city council grants a conditional use permit.

"I think it's the absolute wrong idea, I mean as you can look there's nothing but residential houses around here," Price said.

Galax City Schools superintendent Bill Sturgill says the current elementary school was built back in the 1930's.

"Well for starters we have no air conditioning. We have multiple floors and it is very hot on the top floor," Sturgill said.

Some 600 students currently attend Galax Elementary. The new school would be built to house about 1,000 students. Price says if the school is built next to his home, the congestion is sure to follow.

"From what our projections are there's almost going to be 1,000 cars each day coming through here," Price said.

The public will speak its mind Monday night about the idea, and the council is expected to decide if it will allow a conditional use permit.

Sturgill said the school system has looked at various properties around the city, but the land on Kipling Lane is the most suitable.

"Yes that's the site we would look at to build a new elementary school. Again it's somewhere in the future getting the land would be the first step," Sturgill said.

Officials say if the deal is approved, actual construction on the site may still be years away.