These days, standardized testing for public school students is a high stakes game.

Two schools in Botetourt County are taking the edge off by playing.

"They're very excited about it," Principal Tammy Riggs says.

"They're fun games and they help you learn," said Jon Skeens, a student at Colonial Elementary School.

For many of us, lunchtime is me time.

For the students at Colonial Elementary School in Botetourt County, it's game time.

"When they're done eating, pretty much they eat pretty quickly. And then you've got 10 maybe 15 minutes where they're sitting. Well that's empty time that could be spent doing something productive," Riggs said.

She wanted to do something different to fulfill a goal: better math scores.   

She got the idea from Eagle Rock Elementary School in Botetourt County to fill brains along with stomachs.

"It's gone better than I expected," Riggs said.

Chances are, you haven't heard of some of these games: First to One and Headband to name a few.  All of them are math games.

"You don't want them just memorizing facts, you don't want them just memorizing concepts, they need to know it and be able to use it. They need to be able to apply it to situations," said Riggs.

"It's pretty fun to play these games," Jon Skeegs said, "Some of the games are just so fun and interactive, you can do it when your friends a lot."

Food, friends and math.

Not an ideal combination for many of us, but it's working just fine for the students.