The first day of spring is only days away, but it's not looking that way outdoors. Many people are ready to start digging in their gardens.

Temperatures reached in the 60's this weekend. It made people really happy, but it was short lived.

Gardening experts say you might want to wait until the weather warms up consistently before you start putting seeds in the ground.

The rain and snow mixture is adding to already saturated ground. Mulch -n- More in Roanoke is receiving phone calls from those ready to garden. People want to know when they can get in their gardens. A store manager says he’s not bringing in some inventory in fear of losing it to cold temperatures, and says that customers should be careful about planting to early.

“If you invest money in it, two weeks from now if it turns 20 degrees, you have to cover them up; there's a lot of maintenance to it. I wouldn’t want to lose them,” said Operations Vice President Trace Webb.

Webb says if you want to get out and start planting, potatoes would be a good option.