Gas station battle in Danville drives down gas prices

POSTED: 07:24 PM EDT Jul 24, 2013    UPDATED: 07:25 PM EDT Jul 24, 2013 

Gas stations are battling for your business in Danville and it's turning out to be a good deal for customers.

In Danville, you'll find the lowest gas prices around this region.

At Murphy USA, the price for a gallon of gas is $2.92.

It's the same at Sheetz, Sam's Club and Quality Plus, a small gas station up the road.

All day people packed the lot at Murphy USA in Danville hoping to get in on what they're considering a deal.

The low price is all about price wars.

Murphy USA is brand new. As part of an advertising campaign the company is offering its lowest prices now.

According to AAA, Sheetz and Sam's Club are following suit to remain competitive.

It's all about getting and keeping customers.

Whatever the reason, people in need of a fill up don't mind the low prices.

"Especially when you're a retired man who's on a fixed income. It's wonderful," customer John Paro said.

"Out in the county it's like 3.19, 3.24, around that range, so it's worth the drive in just from the county if you live out there,” customer Penny Mitchell said.

Murphy USA is having a grand opening this Friday.

There's no word on how long the prices are staying low.

The four gas stations mentioned above are the only stations in Danville with that low price.

To put this in perspective, Roanoke is averaging about $3.35 per gallon.

That's 43 cents more.