SALEM, Va. -

Two competing gas stations along 4th Street lowered their prices so much people waited in line for hours to get some!

People started getting in line at the GB and Shell stations this afternoon. Both offered gas at $1.99 but GB only took cash and imposed a $15 dollar limit.

Some drivers even waited in bumper-to-bumper traffic along 4th street until police waved them off.

"Too many cars around if gas is 1-99 you better get it while you still can," driver Glenn McKenzie told WDBJ7.

"1.99! You can't beat that and I need gas for the whole week so I said, yeah, this will help," said Carol Weber.

"This is pretty crazy. People are going crazy for some cheap gas," Jordan Reeves told WDBJ7.

"Dude, the economy right now, that's how you gotta roll. 2 dollars, I mean, that's 50 percent off gas."

The intersection of 4th and Union Streets in Salem is normally busy on a Friday afternoon, but not this busy.

"I came the back way here to go to Main Street sat there for 20-30 minutes just to get to this point, thought there was a wreck," said Esther Smith.

But, this was no wreck. This was a good, old fashioned price war between the GB and Shell gas stations.

"They came out, they dropped theirs down to 2-99 and when they dropped there's down to 2-99, I said, uh-oh, gas war, it's on now!" Arizona Johnson told Your Hometown News Leader.

Andy Gill, owner of GB said, "For the last 30 days they've been 15 cents higher and no one told them to be 15 cents higher we just left the price of our gas very fair."

Early in the day, both gas stations were offering $1.99 for unleaded. The GB is privately owned. The Shell, run by corporate proprietors, is allowing GB's owners to set the price.

"We're not going to let a big corporate, like Lehigh gas, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, we're not going to let them push the little guys around, said Gill.
Gill's neighbor across the street followed suit but offered unlimited gas and the use of credit cards; a jab at GB's community goodwill gesture

"They drop theirs, we get a call on the phone, hey drop this to whatever, we drop it, we come out here, we change it, we change it in there," Shell gas station manager, Heather Keating told WDBJ7.

For the drivers though, it was all about a little break on the wallet.

"Since I got in line to the time I got to the pump, it's an hour and a half. It's worth it. Any penny, any money you can save today is going to be a good thing," said Paul Yen.

By late Friday night, both gas stations raised their unleaded prices to $2.89.