HENRY CO., Va. -

A large former furniture warehouse stands empty now, but to Roy Simon, it's the key to keeping kids in class.

"What it stands for is to stop dropouts," Simon said.

The headquarters for his non-profit foundation, the Children of America Educational Foundation, moved from Louisiana to Martinsville last month because he has family in the area.

Simon says he has branch offices in nearly a dozen other states that tutor students not only with their school work but health and fitness.

And he's offering a cash incentive starting at 100 dollars for students from 7th grade on who join his program.

"To make sure every student in America that attends school stays in school and gets a education," Simon said.

He's in the process of hiring hundreds, he says possibly thousands of tutors to partner up with students from all around Virginia.

His dreams and promises are no doubt expensive, but he says he has the money.
Simon is a self proclaimed music mogul promoting concerts.

"I've done concerts in Tokyo, I've done them in Beijing, I've done them in France, London, all over the world," Simon said.

In the 1960's Roy says he became the manager and promoter for his brother, Grammy award winning R and B singer, Joe Simon.

"We stayed on the road for about 42 years doing one nighters all over the world. I came to the idea because I met so many students and so many kids in schools that didn't have an education," Simon said.

He says that was the birth of this organization.

In Henry County it seemed to pop up overnight with a staff of nearly 30 people.

We did some checking and found not many city and county leaders know what he's planning in the former furniture warehouse. Martinsville and Henry County school districts haven't heard from the group.
Simon says he's taking time to develop in the area.

He says his team is planning a large music festival next year with big name singers to raise money for the the organization. 

Check out the organization here at www.COAEFInc.org