Get Reverse 911 alerts straight to your phone

The city of Roanoke now allows you to get emergency alerts to your cell phone

POSTED: 04:43 PM EDT Jul 11, 2013    UPDATED: 10:14 AM EDT Jul 12, 2013 
Fewer landlines prompts emergency officials to change system

An emergency can happen in a matter of seconds and that's why Roanoke City Emergency Management expanding one of its services.

Fewer people have landlines these days, so you can now register your cell phone for the Reverse 911 system.

In the case of any large incident or emergency, you can get city and county alerts right to your cell phone.

Emergency officials said signing up could help you when you least expect it.

"We can send text messages so even if you're not at your home that cell number is registered to that address,” said Roanoke City Emergency Management Director Mike Guzo.

“So if we do have a flooding or a missing person or some type of hazardous materials incident that would affect your residence you would be notified so it’s hugely important that you stay vigilant."

To register your cell phone for the Reverse 911 system, CLICK HERE.