Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe says Virginians should never have to question "who their leaders are putting first."

When he spoke with reporters recently in Richmond, he said he will work with lawmakers to enact ethics reform. His proposals would limit gifts and increase penalties for violations, ban gifts worth more than $100 dollars for himself, his family and members of the executive branch and create an independent ethics panel to hold leaders accountable.

"Just as Virginians should not have to wonder whether their public servants are serving the public or themselves," McAuliffe said, "they should not have to rely solely on the news media to identify and expose violations of the public trust. "

Delegate Bob Marshall has introduced legislation that would require timely disclosure on any gifts over $100, but he says meaningful ethics reform isn't assured.

"If the press puts the heat on us politicians you'll see something," Marshall told us. "If you guys let us off the hook, the answer is nothing will happen."