It's called "The Bible Bus" and supporters in Giles County say they need a new one.

For 71 years, public school students in Giles County have had the option of participating in what's called "weekly religious education." This privately funded program allows elementary school students, to opt out of class once a week, and get on the Bible Bus at their respective school.

Currently 4th and 6th graders, with parental consent, can opt out of PE class once a week and get on the Bible Bus at school.

The bright yellow bus is decorated inside with positive messages about faith and family and has been converted into a classroom. Bench seating and working tables allow the students to complete a variety of projects. The Bible Bus adventure lasts thirty minutes and then students are brought back to school to finish their day.

Bible Bus supporter, Bonita Fenstermaker, says after 20 years and more than 120,000 miles, they need a new bus.

"We are grateful for this bus and the county came together eight years ago and raised 20 thousand dollars when we had our walk 8 years ago and that's how we produced this bus. It's been a wonderful bus, but it's going on 20 year old and there's going to be some major repairs needed."

By mid-afternoon Thursday, more than 250 supporters were planning to take part in the "March for Jesus" rally, hoping to raise $125,000 to buy a new bible bus.