GILES CO., Va. -

The Sheriff of Giles County is being sued by one of his former deputies for wrongful termination.

His lawyer Jim Guynn says Sheriff Morgan Millirons was served with the suit Tuesday.

Brian "Scott" Dunn is filling the lawsuit. Dunn is also on the Giles County Board of Supervisors.

Dunn worked for Sheriff Millirons, but, in effect, was a part of the governing body that controls much of the funding for the Sheriff's Office.

According to the lawsuit, issues between the two began last spring.

Dunn raised issues about wasteful spending, poor care and nepotism at the Giles County Animal Shelter, something the sheriff would have signed off on.

At the time, the shelter was run by the Sheriff's Office. Now it's run by the Giles County Board of Supervisors.

The complaint paints the sheriff as taking exception to Dunn's suggestions and, in turn, creating a hostile work environment.

Dunn was eventually fired, and is suing on the basis that it was because he tried to blow the whistle.

"The employee feels that they are working in an environment that is illegal, that they are being asked to do illegal things, and they are making a complaint and they are retaliated based upon essentially their unwillingness to participate in that illegal scheme," said Tommy Strelka, Dunn's lawyer.

Dunn is also claiming records were falsified to show he wasn't adequately responding to calls and that Sheriff Millirons also changed the locks on Dunn's office so he would be unable to do his job.

The Sheriff himself declined comment, but his laywer Jim Guynn spoke with WDBJ7.

He says Dunn was fired for a combination of factors, that the Sheriff felt the department would be better off without him.

Guynn also said it's too early to comment much further than that, but does expect to file a response in the next 21 days.

Even though this lawsuit involves two public officials in Giles County, no county money will be spent on this lawsuit.

The county administrator says the county is not getting involved, that this is like any other employment dispute since the sheriff is an independent officer.

The administrator reiterated that the county has no comment on any of the litigation.