GILES CO., Va. -

Students at Eastern Elementary Middle School in Giles County are doing their part to get rid of winter.

Inside Eastern Elementary Middle School in Giles County, the kids were sitting ''cross-cross applesauce'' in the hallway. Most wore goofy hats and were anxious to walk outside and do their part to "Hootie Hoo" the Winter away.

Kindergarten student Cheyenne Epperly was sandwiched between classmates.

"[I'm] going outside and saying, 'Hootie Hoo!" Epperly said.

Those two words; "Hootie Hoo" are the goofy cheer these students are about to scream out, because February 20 is unofficially "Hootie Hoo Day", 24 hours where anyone can shoo out the cold and bring in warmer weather.

"Hootie Hoo!"

Principal Greg Canaday stood outside the school and lead the charge and said Thursday's weather was cooperating.

''No, [it's] not bad weather at all and we need to encourage more good weather." Then Canaday gave his own shout out, "Hootie Hoo!"

So many students, teachers and parents, all shouting that big "Hootie Hoo", it had the ring of an old episode of "Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C."

There's no hard news here folks, just kids and bigger kids shouting it out loud.

Parent Teacher Association member Elaine Cook helped organize the event, and said she's done the "Hootie Hoo" before.

"I've stayed outside at work in the middle of Winter and did this just begging for Spring, Hootie Hoo!'

Then there was kindergartener Zachary King, who waved me down and just had to talk.

"Hi, well this is actually my first time on TV. Yeah it is." Seconds later he let it out too, ''Hootie Hoo!"