Forget about being demure or what some people might call, "lady-like."

Times have changed and "Girls Rock Roanoke" is leading the charge.

"There's a lot of pressures on girls, especially from the media about how they should look, how they should act, certain societal expectations we have of girls to be quiet and obey. And, what we want is for girls to feel that they can do whatever they want and that they can feel supported in that," explains "Girls Rock Roanoke" founder LeeRay Costa.

"Girls Rock Roanoke" is a one-week, day camp that allows girls to come in and live out their rock-n-roll dreams.

"We play games. We play all kinds of instruments like the bass, the guitar and stuff," says camper Jaiden Lorton.

Some girls have a little music knowledge.

Some have a lot.

Like camper Dakota Ward, "I take drum lessons at the Music Lab, and I also know one-chord on the guitar and I also got some instruction on the bass."

All the girls try the instruments.

They pick one and then create songs with several other girls before performing live for the community at the end of the week.

Musicians serve as their mentors and coaches.

Telisha Williams is a Martinsville native who's in the Nashville group, "Wild Ponies."

Says Williams, "Just watching these girls change over a five-days time- it's so inspiring how great, how brave they become and how they much they learn to express their own voice and their own opinions using their voice -it's just an amazing and inspiring process."

While this week's camp is full, there's a camp next week for girls ages 12-16 with some spaces open.

If you're interested, in joining, click here to learn more and, even apply.