Smith Mountain Lake,Va. -

It was a cold start to the first Smith Mountain Lake Glacial Plunge. Participants showed up in swimming trunks, bikinis, and fun customs at Bernard's Landing.

“I got my Crocs on, I got my swim trucks and I'm just go in,” said participant Roy Enslow.

“It's on my bucket list. I want to mark it off. I want to do it,” said participant Lauren Acker.

Proceeds will help benefit the Franklin County YMCA. The organization has seen quite the turnaround in its recent time. Those who manage the facility say they are thankful for the event and its participants.

“The Y plays a very important in our community and having people out here supporting both finically and for our events; very important so we're delighted to have them here,” said Franklin County YMCA CEO Jim Currie.

“We're here for the community. We don't turn anyone away. Everyone is always welcome at the Y,” said Andrea Fansler, YMCA Branch Director.

The entry fee was 35 dollars but people didn't seem to mind. Floating at eye view in the water was a dock with prizes, including jewelry and gift cards.

“I 'am not, I'm not going for the prizes. I'm going to get in,” said Acker.

Bernard's Landing Resort, The Landing Restaurant, and Bridgewater Marina helped to make this polar plunge possible.