God's Pit Crew announced Wednesday morning that it will send supplies and a team of volunteers to Louisville, Mississippi, on Thursday morning.

What appears to be an EF-4 tornado caused extensive damage to the small town Monday.

God's Pit Crew said it will likely be in Mississippi for a week, but more than likely for up to 15 days.

On Sunday, the group sent 26,000 pounds of supplies to North Carolina after tornadoes hit the eastern part of the state Friday.


God's Pit Crew in Danville is preparing work trucks, washing equipment, and boxing food to get ready to respond to any weather emergencies.

The group's director does not know where the volunteers will respond.

One option is Arkansas, where a tornado and storms damaged homes.

But the group is also watching the forecast in our area as they make a decision of where to send relief supplies.

"We don't want to put our volunteers in harm’s way by sending them out on the road in the middle of these storms and by the same token we don't want to end up somewhere away from here working when something may hit in our own back yard,” Randy Johnson said.

Right now God's Pit Crew needs donations, especially water, after sending more than 100,000 bottles to West Virginia.

Click here to find out how to donate: http://www.godspitcrew.org/disaster_relief