The partial government shutdown and the debt ceiling standoff have had an impact on the stock market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average headed lower over the last two weeks, until talk of a possible deal prompted a rally late last week. And what will happen this week is anybody's guess.

So how should investors deal with the ups and downs of the market, as the budget battle continues in Washington?

We asked Cynthia Petzold, a certified financial planner in Roanoke. She advises her clients to take the long view.

"A loss on paper can be really scary, but until you've actually physically sold something you haven't experienced a loss," she told us in an interview. "And that's something a lot of people experienced in 2008 when they sold at the bottom of the market and then the market bounced back, so I suggest that folks kind of remember that."

And Petzold says she encourages her clients to review their investments at least once a year to make sure their investment mix matches their financial goals.