SALEM, Va. -

The governor kicked off the Commonwealth of Opportunity tour Friday, promoting all the good things he says the state has done in the last year.

WDBJ7 Anchor Chris Hurst spoke with the governor at the first stop of the tour in Salem.

The shiny black boots Governor Bob McDonnell was wearing Friday were made for talking and that's just what he'll do for the next week as he makes stops all over the commonwealth.

In Salem Friday, he was celebrating the new program that will give outstanding teachers $5,000 bonuses each year. Education and transportation will be themes on his tour.

We asked him if this is a chance for him to look better after his gift for possible favors scandal.

“The conjecture is that this commonwealth of opportunity tour is more about you saving face at the end of your term,” WDBJ7’s Chris Hurst said.

“You all are so jaunticed aren't you? I've done one of these every summer. You can go back and look. We've done some in the spring, some in July or August,” McDonnell said.

And he does make a strong point. He has done at least one formal tour before during the spring.

Last May, he made stops branded as "Virginia: Growing Strong."

After Salem, the governor was in Roanoke announcing the return of passenger rail to Southwest Virginia and got a key to the city from Mayor David Bowers.

He then responded when asked if Attorney General and candidate for governor Ken Cuccinelli should return his gifts from the same personal friend and donor.
“Should Ken Cuccinelli return his gifts? That's up for everybody to decide. I've made my decision,” McDonnell said.

We also noticed he was wearing a different watch than the Rolex he was given by Star Scientific CEO Johnnie Williams.

“I see you're wearing a Seiko, did you give back the Rolex?” WDBJ7’s Chris Hurst said.

“I did,” McDonnell said.

So he returned the Rolex and now he's off to Bristol for the third stop on this tour.

He'll be in Galax over the weekend and in Central Virginia next week.