Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe says he hasn't abandoned long held priorities like Medicaid expansion, but he says his focus on jobs, education and transportation should provide plenty of common ground.

McAuliffe met reporters in a state capitol meeting room Wednesday with his wife Dorothy and a transition team that includes both Democrats and Republicans.

The Governor-elect said he spent the morning reaching out to Republican lawmakers, and while conflict is certain, he said he believes there are areas where they can work together.

“I was warmly received. I said my focus is going to be jobs and economic development. That should be common ground. Economic development should not be partisan issues. They're not,” McAuliffe said.

His first executive order will outlaw discrimination in state employment based on sexual orientation.

His second order will ban gifts with a value of more than one hundred dollars to himself, and members of his family.

McAuliffe said he hasn't spoken with Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, but has talked with Governor Bob McDonnell, and the two plan to have lunch together Thursday.