The men at the top of the ticket are getting all of the attention this election year.

The campaigns for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General have been quiet by comparison, but now those candidates say Virginia voters are beginning to focus on the other choices in the November election.

Republican Mark Obenshain is running for Attorney General. Democrat Ralph Northam hopes to become Virginia's next Lieutenant Governor. Thursday both men brought their campaigns to the Roanoke Valley.

Though the Governor's race has overshadowed the other races, both men say they believe Virginia voters are beginning to pay attention.

An endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business brought Mark Obenshain to Naff Auto Sales in Roanoke.

The Republican has been working for over two years on his campaign, and says he believes his conservative message is reaching the voters.

"You know the governor's race always sucks all of the oxygen out of the room for a certain period of time," Obenshain told WDBJ7, "but at this point late September, early October people are really focusing on the down ticket races."

Northam enjoyed his first hot dog from the Roanoke Weiner Stand, and shopped for votes on the Roanoke City Market. He said the negativity in the Governor's race isn't taking away from his campaign.

"I think it would be great if both candidates could talk a little bit more about what they want to do to move Virginia forward," Northam said in an interview, "but they're running their campaigns. we're obviously running a very positive campaign and my message is resonating with Virginians."

Obenshain faces Democrat Mark Herring for Attorney General.

Northam is up against Republican E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor.

Like the Governor's race, those contests offer voters sharp differences. And we should be seeing more from all four of the candidates, on the air and in person, as we head into the home stretch of the fall campaign.