Gymnast from all across the commonwealth made their way to Radford University for the State Championship all aiming for the top prize.

“You have to have a lot of concentration to stay on that 4 inch beam. It takes a lot of work,” said athlete Breanna Lytton.

Athletes know it's all about timing and precision at the Level 5, 6 & 7 State Meet. Most will try their hand at the beam, floor, and bars.

“None is easier than the other. It takes a lot of work to do each and every event,” said Lytton.

The amount of work and dedication before athletes take the center state can be equal to a part time job.

“Some of the clubs will go between 12 and 18 hours a week and that's three to five days a week for most gyms, said gymnast coach Craig Tetreault.

Coaches say athletes do all of this while staying on top of school work; for some it's a form of therapy.

“You always know somebody is watching you, whether it's the coach or bystanders or the judges. I haven't figure out how to block them out so I'm always nervous,” said Lytton.

Even though Breanna admits to being a little nervous, she was able to walk away with a medal, placing 5th in the beam portion on the event. She had words of encouragement for those looking to take on the sport.

“Keep trying and always do your best, because once you practice enough you can always do what other people do if you try hard enough and want for it,” said Lytton.