The American dream will soon be a reality for one family thanks to Habitat for Humanity.
On Saturday, volunteers helped build a home for a family of seven from the African country of Burundi.

Preps for Saturday's work began almost 2 weeks ago.  Construction on the Roanoke home should wrap up in about six months.

The family will pay for the home with a no-interest loan.

Projects like this one are made possible through a partnership with Lutheran-based Thrivent Builds.    

Volunteers say there's much more to what they're doing than just manual labor.

"Some days it is just construction.  It has its own headaches and everything," says construction director Brian Clark, "but I think when you do get to the end of that process and watch how many people come together and form different partnerships and relationships over those 6 months, and to hand the keys over to that family, that's that special time."

Through this partnership, more than 2,900 homes have been built and $180 million in donations have come in.