It was a hair "razing" experience in Blacksburg.

People let their haircuts become center stage at the plaza outside of Squires.

It was for the "Buzzing 4 Change" event Sunday on Virginia Tech's campus.

The event was hosted by the group, "Friends of Special Love."

The group works to raise awareness and money for childhood cancers.

People volunteered to have their hair cut for 'Locks of Love' donations and some even took the plunge, paying to have it all buzzed off!

"We don't get a lot of kids from this area, just since we started talking about this event- we have had half-dozen people who are camp eligible come to us with kids who are pediatric cancer patients or survivors, making sure they can get involved in the amazing support system we offer. This is huge for us!" says faculty adviser Courtney Thomas happily.

Sunday's event also had people registering to become potential bone marrow donors.