Halfway house causes a whole lot of controversy in Craig County

Proposal has to clear planning commission before it moves forward

POSTED: 05:21 PM EDT Oct 07, 2013    UPDATED: 05:45 PM EDT Oct 07, 2013 

It may be a proposed halfway house, but it's causing a whole lot controversy in Craig County.

Monday night, the planning commission will hear an application to bring a residential substance abuse counseling center to the area.

The facility would be located in the parsonage of New Castle Christian Church along route 311.

To move forward with the project, the board would have to change the zoning.

But, not everyone thinks it's a good idea.

"Most the calls we got, well, all of the calls -are in opposition to it. But, the main reason is because there is a daycare across the road, plus there's a daycare in the church besides where the facility is, and that's been one of the biggest concerns," explains Craig County Administrator Richard Flora.

The county administrator tells WDBJ7, at this point, anyone looking for a treatment center has to travel out of the county to Roanoke or Blacksburg.