It's noticeable in the men's restroom at Halifax County High School.

"You have mirrors that aren't that the correct height. Paper towel dispensers that require twisting of the wrist and sinks that are not compliant," said Jay Jennings, the Maintenance Director of the school district.

The men's restroom in the lower lobby of the high school isn't accessible for people with disabilities. Neither are the restrooms in two other places within the school. They join a list of 14 areas in need of an upgrade.

School district leaders knew this was coming.

"We knew the school needed some updates we've been kind of working towards that goal," Jennings said.

Jennings says inspectors from the U.S. Department of Education analyzed the school after noticing it hadn't been checked in a while.

They found the school is out of touch with the Americans With Disabilities Act and in need of more than $300,000 in improvements and it needs to happen soon.

Jennings says it really comes down to detail, for example, even though the facility parking lot has handicap spaces, it's too steep.

"Our spaces has a cross slope that's inaccessible. There is supposed to be a flat parking lot,"Jennings said.

This ramp leading off that parking lot needs leveling too.

"When it's that steep you can't control it. You can't slow down. There is a certain slope that they have to maintain," Jennings said.

This school was built in 1979 and inspectors haven't visited the school in more than 20 years. They say no one has complained.