A military couple is now milking cows in Halifax County.

They've traveled around the world serving the county and are now using their experiences to raise livestock and it's getting recognition.

Denise and David Hudson haven't operated their as a farm for long, but they've acquired quite a variety of animals.

"We have the Highland cattle, the Jersey cattle," Denise said. "We raise meat goats, milk goats."

You will find some of the friendliest livestock in Halifax County on the Hudson Heritage Farm.

Besides summer trips to family farms, neither has much experience with livestock before moving to the farm, but their previous careers are all the prerequisites they need.

"Think about what farmers do. It's a dedicated lifestyle of supporting the rest of the country to feed America. Veterans are pretty much the same way," David said.

Both Denise and David are veterans and have served in the United State Air Force and the Army National Guard.

"You've traveled the world. Why set up camp here in Halifax County?" I asked.

"We really like the area. We like the people," Denise said.

The combination of military service and newly found love of farming qualified the couple to get certification from the Farmer Veteran Coalition's national Homegrown by Heroes program. Find out more information here.

"People are interested in buying products from veterans as well so that's a benefit got us," Denise said.

Members get access to unique farming resources and connections to other veterans who are farming.

"We've had a lot of people contact us and want to learn about farming, we've had a lot of people want to cook our products," said Denise.

That appreciation the Hudson's can only find on their quiet farm.