The phrase "Happy Hour" will become a little more visible at some of your favorite restaurants. An ABC regulation will allow establishments to advertise happy hour and the time span of their drink specials in any media, including social, print and broadcast.

The regulation takes effect on January 29.

“Being able to walk around and seeing what a restaurant is actually offering, 'Hey we have this drink special going on and this food special, come in and check it out.' It's nice,” said Matt Strickland.

Matt Strickland was born in Roanoke but lives in Boston. He's says there’s no such thing as “Happy Hour” where he lives.

He says if there is a sign located outdoors, he can determine if the menu interests him before walking into a restaurant.

Potential patrons aren't the only people excited about the regulation change. Restaurant managers say the new way to advertise will bring in more business.

“When they walk in, they're like what kind of food do we have; what kind of drinks do you have? This will help us utilize every aspect of the business,” said Corned Beef and Company’s H.R. Manager, Sarina Porter.

“To be able to let people know what's going on and what we're bringing in, as well as all the people in Roanoke that are kind of doing the similar thing, it's kind of important to get that word out,” said Blue 5’s General Manager Angela Natt.