SALEM, Va. -

Another cold spell is on the way and people aren't taking any chances.

Local hardware stores told WDBJ 7 that shelves were left empty about a week ago after the first polar vortex and now they're in the processing of restocking shelves.

Northwest True Value Hardware store in Salem is ready for the influx of people.

According to assistant manager Christopher Clark, the store just got new shipments of shovels, ice melt, pipe insulation, hurricane lamps and anti-freeze.
They expect to sell a lot of these items because the forecast is calling for snow.

Clark said customers are coming in looking to buy propane tanks and heaters.

He said items were flying off the shelves just a few days ago and he expects the same to happen Tuesday.

"Everything we had previously, we didn't have nothing left," he said. "We just restocked on the pipe insulation, heaters, propane tanks."

Clark said a lot of people are buying pipe insulation and heat tape. He said most customers had issues with their pipes because of the cold temperatures.

He said insulating is one of the best ways to avoid any problems.

“If it’s not moving it's going to freeze and the further you get away from where it comes out of the ground the more likely it will freeze and bust.”