From its main stage complete with lights, to the greenroom where artists get ready before their show, the Harvester Performance Center is up and ready for an audience of hundreds.

"Oh my goodness it’s a dream come true for many people here. The town has got behind this and made this a premier spot," said Assistant General Manager Sheila Silverstein.

Facility managers say the venue will help with economic development in the Rocky Mount area. On Thursday night the Indigo Girls played to a nearly sold out house of 550 seats.

"This room is so cool. The vibe is cool. That's what artist love. They love when they can be this close in an intimate setting," said Silverstein.

Downstairs below the main-stage are meeting rooms and kitchen space available for rent. And just around the corner another performance space.

And if the seating wasn't comfortable enough the venue offers lounge style sofas, that create an at home feeling.

"That's what we want you to feel. We want you to feel really comfortable here. Walk in, easy to get in, easy to find your seat. It’s all general admission,” said Silverstein.

With shows booked as far ahead as November, the new venue is sure to have a little something for everybody.

For show lineups and ticket information, click here.