The man who's lead Roanoke County Schools' transportation division for just over a year has announced he's stepping down.

Terry Russell put his notice in this week.

Is still too early to tell exactly what this will lead too.  However, drivers who spoke to WDBJ7 say it doesn't help matters for Roanoke County Schools.

In February the school board announced it would be changing the benefits structure for part-time employees like bus drivers.

The day after that decision, around 30 drivers staged a sick-out, forcing the county to close school early on a Friday in late February.

Around 30 drivers have announced they'll be quitting or retiring in response to the change in benefits, which has caused the county to scramble to find drivers.

Although the circumstances surrounding why transportation director Terry Russell are murky, some bus drivers say his resignation is a symbolic show of support for the drivers.

A county school official couldn't comment on the situation, citing a personnel matter. Russell also couldn't be reached for comment.

That school official tells WDBJ7 things are moving right along, but that the county is still looking for new drivers.   

A current bus driver says he's retiring as a result of Terry Russell's decision to step down, and expects other drivers may do the same.

That driver says this is a situation that could get worse before it gets better.