A group in Rockbridge County is trying to help people meet the deadline for the Affordable Care Act.

The Rockbridge Area Health Center is offering free help to those who still need to sign up for health insurance.

A group of volunteers certified to navigate the Marketplace is signing people up for two hour appointments, but as the open enrollment period draws to an end, there's been an increase in requests for assistance.

Now, the volunteers are hosting what they call a Marathon Enrollment.

Six volunteers will be at the Health Center to enroll people all day Saturday.

Organizers said they've already helped more than 200 people enroll.

"A lot of our patients have transportation issues,” said Katy Datz with the Rockbridge Area Health Center. “The access to transportation can be a challenge also access to computers and internet have also been a challenge so being able to provide the services in the community in which our consumers are living has been very valuable."

Saturday's event will start at 11 am and end around 5 pm and you will need an appointment to be seen.

Call 540-464-8700 extension 7118 to make one.

You will need you social security number and date of birth to sign up for insurance.

The deadline to enroll is March 31st.