Health officials are warning for people to stay out of the Pigg River after a manure spill.

The Pigg River in Franklin County is a small stream. That's where health officials say 30,000 gallons of cow manure spilled in to the water way.

“Pigg River flows through Waid Park and due to the high possibility of recreational use of the water in this area. We posted signs here to advise the public of what had occurred,” said Department of Health Environmental Manager Tim Baker.

The Department of health is warning people not to come into contact with the water.

“If you come in contact with water that has fecal contamination, there are many diseases that can be transmitted,” said Baker.

Health officials say the risks usually associated with diseases are a wide variety of gastrointestinal illnesses. That's usually found in fecal coliform bacteria and when it comes to fishing, that's not advised.

“We suggest that not occur for the short term at least until the advisory signs are moved. And that's one of the reason we put the signs here because we do know this a popular trout fishing area,” said Baker.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality tested the water Tuesday morning. It is working alongside the health department to determine if the water is safe.

So far there have been no recent reports of a fish kill, and they say levels at this time seem to be normal.

More analysis has to be done, before they give the all clear. In the meantime swimming and fishing is not recommended.