Looking for a job? You'll need a touch of magic to help you with this one.

Getting sawed in half, levitated, and made to disappear are just some of the duties.

It's a job that has very specific requirements and caught our eye. It's only for women ages 18 to 60, she has to be no taller than 5 foot seven, must be petite and limber, and can't be claustrophobic.

If that's you, you'll make the perfect magician assistant for Wayne Alan.

He's a World Champion Illusionist who bought the Historic North Theatre two years ago and is carrying on an illusion that's been popular and hard to perfect for more than 200 years.

This is one trick the job candidate has to perform: It requires climbing into a box, having golf clubs poked through it, and somehow managing to disappear.

"It's got lots of good benefits I mean, you know, if you want to lose weight we've got a machine called the reducing machine. We put you in there and we shrink you down to about this size. So it's all kinds of great side benefits for the thing. But it's really a fun performance opportunity for young and middle-aged ladies also," Alan said.

Alan has been in this business for a while and says he's been though more than a hundred magician assistants.

This is a paid position and there's only one audition left. It's Sunday at two at the theater.

The winning job candidate will have to appear, or disappear, and get sawed in half at each monthly magic show.

Alan assures there is no pain involved.