People in a neighborhood in Roanoke say a dog named Jazz should really be called hero.

Her owners say she helped save a neighbor's in trouble Wednesday evening.

Kelly Sheehan says she was taking Jazz to visit another neighbor when she took off down the street.

Sheehan followed after her.

She found Jazz sitting with an elderly woman who had fallen in her garden and couldn't get up.

Sheehan says the woman had been yelling for help for an hour before the dog found her.

As we found out, Jazz knows a little bit about being rescued herself.

"Jazz is actually a rescue dog. I rescued her about seven years ago and she has never done anything like that. She's been very protective of me and all the neighbors know her as my apendage. Where ever I go, she follows," says Sheehan

The woman went to the hospital, but should be okay.

Jazz's owners gave him a steak dinner to reward her for her good deed.