Hero has grown quite a bit from when we first met him back in May.
The one thing that hasn't changed, the fight to keep him alive.

"The vets have said this is what he needs. He can't get much bigger without this surgery. So, if this is not viable, we will lose Hero," explains Kitty Martin.

Hero came to the Selah Ranch All Animal Rescue in Augusta County in the early spring.
His back hooves were gone.
Kitty and Rick Martin vowed to save him.
Now, that vow is taking them to Texas.

"Hero is being loaded up to go to Texas A&M for his evaluation," says Kitty.

The cow is now several hundred-pounds.
As he has grown, what's left of his legs can't support his growing weight.

"The problem now is that the hide has come down over the bone, there's no muscle at all and so he's standing on bone and skin and hide," she explains.

In July, a New Jersey man, who makes prosthetics, volunteered to help.
But those new legs just didn't work.

Now the Martins are hitting the highway and heading to the Lone Star state.
Rick Martin hopes this is where Hero will get another chance.

"We'll miss him, feeding him, and stuff, but this is going to be awesome to see him in no pain and see him live like a cow again," says Rick.

They hope at the end of the road there will be a new chapter, that has Hero standing on his own.

The Martins estimate the trip has already cost 5-thousand dollars.

If Hero needs surgery that cost could increase an additional 5 to 10-thousand dollars.