Roanoke's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community is reacting to news Attorney General Mark Herring plans to ask the Supreme Court to review last week's decision striking down the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

Herring wants to put this matter to rest, but not everyone likes the approach.

The notion of same-sex marriage has divided lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and although Herring is on-board with same sex unions, he's in favor of delaying a final ruling to prevent more issues down the line.

"It's actually a really good idea that he's doing that because we've seen it before in other states where they push it through and they have to change all those laws, do a ll that paperwork and then turn around, if the Supreme Court overturns it again, they have to change it back," Katie Snell with Roanoke Pride, told Your Hometown News Leader.

"When he became the Attorney General, we found out very quickly that he was not committed to the constitution of Virginia and as a matter of fact, he was unwilling to defend it," Senator Steve Newman told WDBJ7.

In a statement, Herring said he believes the district and appeals courts made the right decision when they overturned the ban, saying the Supreme Court should have the final say; a notion some are not on board with.

"I strongly disagree with the Attorney General, I believe that this is an important state's rights issue, it's not up to the Federal government and secondly I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman," said Newman.

Newman helped draft the constitutional amendment, which was successfully voted in via referendum outlining just that. But, those in favor of same-sex marriage are siding with the Attorney General.

"A lot of people like to liken it to interracial relationships. It was a new thing, and they had to approach it and they had to address it and if you don't address it, nothing will ever change," said Snell.

But just how much will the LGBT community here in Roanoke be affected by a firm ruling on same sex marriage? Those in the lifestyle, say the answer might surprise you.

"My mom is one of them and I have a few friends that would love to have that. I think it will come around, but it's going to take a little time," said Snell.

"My hope is that the Supreme Court will ultimately rule on this quickly, I hope that they support traditional marriage and I know the Attorney General is on the other side of that battle," Sen. Newman told WDBJ7.

It's a controversial debate Snell, her partner and many others hope will be settled once and for all.

Attorney General Herring plans to file for a Supreme Court review of same-sex marriage in Virginia on Friday.