SALEM, Va. -

A new poll in Virginia and two other states suggests Democrat Hillary Clinton is a serious frontrunner in the race for president in 2016.

The survey shows little support for other Democrats. And Clinton has an early advantage over potential Republican rivals including Governor Chris Christie, Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Paul Ryan.
Roanoke College, Rutgers University in New Jersey and Sienna College in New York all conducted identical polls at the same time. A majority of voters in each state said they have a favorable view of the former Secretary of State.

While her ratings were higher in New Jersey and New York, she still held a subtantial lead in Virginia. And Roanoke College pollster Harry Wilson says Clinton was the only Democrat who received any significant support.

Wilson is Director of the Roanoke College Institute for Policy and Opinion Research.  "That doesn't mean there won't be one," Wilson said in an interview. "That doesn't mean someone won't emerge, but what that means right now there really isn't anyone else. Joe Biden got some support in there, but it was negligible."

Polling in the three states also included a long list of hot button issues, including same-sex marriage, medical marijuana and the minimum wage.

It won't come as a surprise that Virginians were more conservative than voters in the the two northeastern states, but the margin wasn't as wide as you might expect.

53 percent of the Virginians who responded said they were in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

69 percent said they support legalizing the use of marijuana in all 50 states for medical purposes.

And 65 percent said they are in favor of raising the national minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.
"More conservative than most northeastern states. Clearly," Wilson said.  "I would not put Virginia in the liberal state category, but Virginia is not as conservative as it was particularly on social issues, as it was again a decade or more ago."