Family and friends of Heather Hodges are holding on to the hope that one day she will return home.

The young woman and mother of one from Franklin County has been missing for nearly two years.

The FBI, as well as state police have been working together to discover her location and bring much needed information to her family.

Wendy Nichols, a friend of the family, believes that it's just a matter of time.

"We feel that this case, there will be break in this case soon."

With new information surfacing on her ongoing case, on Saturday April 5th, Hodges' family and friends held a candlelit vigil, praying for the swiftest resolution possible and the answer to their most important question.

The candles lit at the vigil not only represented Heather Hodges, but also other missing loved ones that had disappeared and had yet to be found.

"Our hope is that we bring attention to any of these cases," Nichols said, "The ultimate hope is that it leads to bring Heather home but any case is solved is a bonus. We want to bring awareness to them all. "