Do you know the power of sifting your dry ingredients for recipes? I used to think it didn’t make a difference but it makes a huge difference in how your recipe turns out.

Sifting is an action that makes your baked goods have a lighter texture and finer crumbs. The sifting process aerates the flour and is still relevant today when making baked goods, especially sponge, angel food or chiffon cakes.

Incorporate all your dry ingredients together. Give them a stir with a whisk to mix together. Sift the entire mixture together in the bowl. This process allows the other dry ingredients (baking powder, soda, cocoa) to be evenly distributed throughout the flour mixture.

Remember, even if you purchase pre-sifted it has settled and compacted during packing, shipping and unpacking of the product. Sifting is still necessary -- especially if the recipe calls for it. I use a handheld sifter. However, you can also use a sieve if you do not have a sifter. Some people choose to put the dry ingredients into a food processor and pulse them together for the same effect. It is completely up to you and what you find works best.

I sift all dry ingredients even if the recipe does not call for it. It makes the end result turn out much better. The texture is lighter and more even throughout. The brownies are actually my son’s favorite dessert I make. The cream cheese pound cake is his second favorite. I always sift for these two items.

I have also started sifting powdered sugar for icing recipes. The result is the icing has less lumps to start with and becomes a smooth mixture must faster.

If you have kids this is a fun exercise they can do to help you in the kitchen. It allows them to feel a part of the process without it being too messy.

Do you sift your dry ingredients? Let’s compare notes on the outcome of recipes. Share your ideas below.

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