Most of us dread winter and complain about the heat. But some rely on the weather to make a living.

The temperature hit 92 degrees today and it looks like that wont change for the next few days.

But that's not bad news for some people.

Hot weather makes us want to turn the A-C down and those who specialize in keeping us cool are cashing in.

"The service calls spike a lot of peoples' units go down because the hot weather breaks them, but we definitely get busy that's for sure," Jason Adams of Woods Heating and Air Conditions told Your Hometown News Leader.

And while the scorching temperatures keep the professionals there busy they say, there are things you can do to keep your unit working well before the mercury rises.

"Make sure that your filters are changed regularly. It's a very good idea to have maintenance done on your equipment, have some of the service technicians come out, check the operation and make sure that the equipment is performing," Adams said.

But H-VAC companies aren't the only ones who are busy this time of year.
Places like Wayne's Imported Automotive see a boost in customers craving cooler cars.

Owner Wayne Booth told WBDJ7, "we see a lot of people, they're coming in, they want them fixed but you can only do so many a day, and you can only get so many parts a day."  "We do 5, 6, 8 a day sometimes."

That's a lot of work, and a lot of customers.  Another business that is enjoying the heat? Ice cream shops, like Bruster's.

Team Leader there, Whitney Peters said, "we'll get like tons of people all at once though cause there will be an hour where there's not much then it'll get really hot and it will be like 10 cars pull in at once and we just all get slammed."

And that's sweet for business.