The volunteers who found hundreds of cans of whipped cream near the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend might have been surprised, but not law enforcement officials who are familiar with the practice known as "huffing."

Volunteers collected more than 1000 pounds of trash in the Saturday cleanup organized by the The Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The haul included more than 600 cans of whipped cream.

Huffing is the practice of inhaling intoxicants, including the compressed gas in canisters.

"It's not a surprise that people are self-medicating with whatever they can find," said Roanoke Police Chief Chris Perkins. "And that is what we have to address as a community."

Wednesday morning, Perkins said he wanted to know more about the location where the cans were found.

And he said he plans to discuss the latest problem with other departments in the area.