Hundreds of students from around Virginia aren't grumbling about work during their summer break in Danville.

They've traveled hours to stay in the heat fixing up houses free of charge.

This is a week long missions trip for about 200 high school and middle school students from Baptist churches throughout the state.

They've come to work on home like the one owned by Helen Terry. Terry will admit, her house needs some repairs.

"They'd just have to tear it down if I had to do it because I don't have no money," Terry said.

She's lived here for about 15 years and was concerned she'd be forced from her home. That is until these teens rolled up in a colorful van to offer help, absolutely free.

"I'm so glad I don't know what in the world to do," Terry said.

Her house is one of 15 in Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Martinsville getting fixed up.
It's a project sponsored by the Virginia Baptist Mission Board called Impact Virginia.

They'll be in Danville for a week replacing roofs, painting, and building ramps and a storage building.

"Their houses, like, they need stuff done with them but they can't afford to pay people to do it and so we volunteer," said Anna Harmon, She and her youth group drove about three hours to spend all day in the heat on a roof. To her this is worth it.

"Yes we are rebuilding a house and everything but we hope to shine the light of Jesus while we're doing it," Harmon said.

And Miles Owen spent the day scraping paint off a porch post. It's not the way most teens his age would spend the summer.

"It's local mission work. It starts right in your own back yard. You can start with your neighbors," Owen said.

Their mission this week is to help these neighbors stay safe, warm and dry by sprucing up their homes.

All students had to pay for their trip here. They're staying at Averett University this week.

A total of 800 students are taking part in similar camps this summer throughout Virginia.