It was started around 60 years ago in Sweden, and has been a staple for fashion-conscious U.S. shoppers since 2000.

Now, H&M will cater to those here in the Roanoke Valley. The grand opening of the new H&M at Valley View Mall in Roanoke is happening Thursday.

Hundreds of people have waited in line for hours. One man started waiting in line at 6 a.m.

The H&M line has only been in the United States for about 14 years. The store prides itself on offering the best trends at the best prices.

One unique factor about this merchandise is that once it sells completely out, the store doesn't offer it again. Not only that, but the store truly does offer something for everyone, at every price point.

"We keep the costs very low, we have over 100 in-house designers in Stockholm, and we really just want to bring the high, high fashion to our customers. Always high quality and accessible," H&M spokesperson Jennifer Ward said.

Tonight on WDBJ7 we'll hear from some of these excited shoppers and why they love this brand so much.