Hurt shares thoughts on America's role in Syria crisis

Fifth District Congressman Robert Hurt says the United States should tread carefully when it comes to Syria.

POSTED: 05:26 PM EDT Aug 29, 2013    UPDATED: 08:18 PM EDT Aug 29, 2013 
Robert Hurt 8-29-13

A local congressman is weighing in on a serious situation overseas.

Robert Hurt believes America should tread carefully when it comes to Syria.

Some have urged President Obama to take military action against the country's dictator, Bashar Al Assad. American intelligence suggests he used a chemical weapon against Syrian civilians last week.

Hurt, who represents parts of central and southern Virginia in Congress, thinks the president should consider what's best for America's national security.

"As tragic and as horrible as it is, I'm not sure that we can justify under our own constitution invading or attacking a sovereign nation under these circumstances," Hurt said Thursday.

Hurt said the President should consult with Congress before taking any action against Syria.