For the first time in Virginia history a husband and wife are running for Congress. Ken Hildebrandt has run before, losing to Robert Hurt in 2012. Now he is running again and this time his wife wants to potentially join him in the House of Representatives. The main plank in their platform -- industrial hemp.

"It's time for real change," says Ken Hildebrandt. "We're laying out how change can happen, not just saying 'hope' or 'believe.'"

This will be the second go-around for Ken, after getting about two percent of the vote two years ago in the 5th district election. Now both of them hope and believe they will do much better.

"What is the motivation to run," asked WDBJ7 anchor Chris Hurst. "Why do you need to be in this race?"

"Well consider our planet's future is at stake right now," he says.